Tropic Greenery Maintenance


Tropic Greenery specializes in Full Service Commercial Grounds Maintenance and High Quality Residential Landscape Maintenance. We are fully licensed and insured for the work we do. After viewing your property we can provide you with a written proposal that easily explains how we can improve and maintain your property.


Tropic Greenery’s all inclusive Lawn Care and Landscape Detail  

  •  General Lawn Maintenance
  •  Detail Services – Proper pruning and care of ornamental plants
  • Fertilization and Pest Treatment of Turf and Plants
  •  Irrigation Monthly Program and repairs
  •  Landscape Design and Installation
  •   Tree Trimming Services
  •  Stump Grinding
  •  Mulch 

Good Communication and Technology 

Tropic Greenery can provide you with monthly invoices and statements via email or regular  mail.

Work Order System, written proposals and bids for extra work.

Account Manager assigned to your property. Monitor work schedules, new projects, goals and improvements.

 Good Attitude and Team Player

Tropic Greenery Management and workforce respectful of their customers’ homes and outdoor space. We try to limit the amount of interruption to your activities on the grounds by professional and efficient use of time in performing our duties.

Tropic Greenery will try to work outside the box if needed to accomplish their customers goals and budgets.


Call an expert in to help you determine what is wrong with that plant or turf!

Joe Alf has helped numerous homeowners, nurseries and other landscape companies diagnose what was affecting their plants/turf or what plant species they actually possessed.. Why they died? Why they won’t grow? What is it? Call or email us today for a consultation.